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Women's Health In Montclair


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Women Are Unique.
So is Our Approach.

As women, our wellness journeys can be complicated. Our bodies are always changing. From when menstruation begins and sexual awareness occurs, to later perhaps pregnancy, and ultimately a transition to menopause. Each chapter brings a set of questions, concerns, and celebrations! Just like our bodies change, so must our health goals and the specific care needed. Well In Montclair is a safe space for women of all ages to have important conversations about their health, self-care, and wellness. We can work together to either address a specific issue or create an individualized holistic, non-invasive wellness program that treats your whole self. 

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​Eat Well

The nutrition and wellness connection is a powerful one. No matter the stage of life, your body’s hormones are constantly changing and so must your food choices. Numerous factors affect our systems including PMS, fertility struggles, menopausal concerns, and hormonal weight gain. Our nutrition experts understand weight management is tied to your heart, brain, and digestive health. We treat them all to make your weight loss safe, sustainable, and even enjoyable. Nutrition counseling may combine genetic and other lab tests, an analysis of lifestyle factors, supplement regimens, and an examination of your food choices and eating patterns. No shaming or tough love, just one-on-one, compassionate guidance to aid you in achieving better health and allow you to feel your best self.

We strive to be healthy and strong, but appearance can affect our confidence. Looking good and feeling comfortable in your body goes hand in hand with wellness and health. Regardless of age, sex, and skin type, patients seeking rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures now have non-invasive options to combat signs of aging, build muscle, perform various body contouring and shaping, eliminate cellulite, and make your skin smoother and firmer. You choose what to address and what makes you feel happy, healthy, and confident.

Look Well

​Feel Well

Women at any age or stage of life can experience pelvic floor symptoms, including athletes, people who are pregnant, post-partum, perimenopausal, or menopausal. All are treatable to help get yourself back to optimal functioning and health. Pelvic Floor wellness therapy provides musculoskeletal examination and treatment for women experiencing pain, incontinence issues, and prolapse. It’s also ideal for women who want to learn more about safe exercise during and after pregnancy, abdominal and/or pelvic surgery, or injury. 


Acupuncture can also be a great addition to your wellness plan to address reproductive issues, menstruation pain, libido, mood stability, pelvic floor stability, incontinence, stress, pain, sleep, and gastrointestinal disorders. The number and duration of treatments varies and can be determined during an evaluation. Health and wellness are both physical and emotional, and getting to your balance is the goal. 

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Common Reasons for Pelvic Floor Wellness Therapy

  • Pregnancy and postpartum

  • Diastasis recti during pregnancy and post

  • Sensitivity of C-section scar/abdominal or pelvic floor scars

  • Vulvodynia

  • Interstitial cystitis

  • Pelvic, pubic, tail bone, or sacroiliac pain

  • Sexual issues related to pain dyspareunia, atrophy, hormonal changes

  • Pain with the use of a tampon

  • Painful bowel movement or urination

  • Muscular atrophy and weakness of the pelvic floor

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Incontinence

  • Urinary or bowel leakage, pain, and/or urgency

  • Lumbar/Cervical back pain with or without pregnancy

  • Hip pain

  • Pain radiating down the legs during pregnancy

  • Perineum pain

  • Buttock pain

  • Overall orthopedic changes and imbalances

Common Reasons for Personalized Women’s Wellness Programs

  • Nutritional counseling and acupuncture

  • Discussions/support of hormones affected by life changes, energy, sleep, weight gain/loss

  • Balancing menstrual cycles, discomfort, irregularities, and amenorrhea

  • Proper nutritional foundation for preparing for pregnancy and maintaining health during pregnancy

  • Breastfeeding, lactation, mastitis, breast tenderness, and pain

  • Stress management, cortisol/adrenal support

  • Sleep issues, improvement, and management

  • Musculoskeletal tension, headaches, and migraines

  • Menopausal symptoms, Hot flashes, sleep irregularities, irritability

  • Fertility support


Be Well

Our services can be combined to optimize your health journey. Let's sit together and explore an individualized wellness path designed just for you.

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