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Who We Are

Well in Montclair is a team of community minded individuals that believe in continuity of care. Much like when old-fashioned doctors used to make house calls to examine an injury, it’s intrinsic for our team to ask about topics other than just the injury.

Meet Our Partners


Well in Montclair has partnered with Coraeon. Their team of doctors combine over 100 years of experience and a passion for helping patients find long-term vitality using a new approach to medicine. Instead of just trying to lengthen your lifespan, we work together to lengthen your healthspan to help you feel your best for years to come.

A part of your community.

Well in Montclair is a minority/woman-owned wellness practice located in Montclair, NJ. Owner Cathy Stephenson has been practicing in Montclair since 2005. In 2022, she started Well in Montclair to help members of the community chart their individualized wellness path and reap the benefits of multiple forms of treatment, all in one location. 


Our team-oriented approach allows us to pull in the right experts, at the right time to not only fix, but prevent injuries from happening again as part of an individualized wellness program. Our cross functional practitioners help members of our practice find physical vitality, mental health, resilience, a quality lifestyle and supportive community to extend their lifespan and experience optimum health. 

What Makes Us Different

Most practices separate disciplines from one another. For instance in the realm of physical therapy, orthopedic treatments may be routine. Come in, see the physical therapist, heat, do your exercise reps, stretch, ice, and then back out the door. That approach does not treat the whole person. Well In Montclair provides members with multiple services and modalities. We look for ways to not just fix, but help prevent it from happening again. Physical therapy is just one of OUR support systems. We include holistic nutritional counseling, acupuncture, life coaching, vibrational medicine, personal training, yoga, massage therapy, and state of the art modalities in our preventative wellness programs. Our team-oriented approach allows us to pull in the right people, at the right time, to help the members of our community experience optimum health, balance, and return to the vibrant life they were meant to live.


Whenever you need us, we’re here for after-hours emergencies and weekends.


Chart your individualized wellness path and reap the benefits of multiple forms of treatment, all in one location.


We offer quality medical treatments for a competitive amount. We are the only practice within 15 miles of New York City which offers individualized wellness programs designed to meet your goals.


We are energized in our approach and leave no stone unturned in your healing process.

Cross Functional 

We take the time to ask about things other than just the injury and recommend a care program that will not just solve your health issues, but help prevent them from happening again.


Our facility is beautifully curated to allow you space, comfort and peace. We understand it is important to be able to relax and restore yourself throughout the healing process.


Our team is a connected, energetic and happy team of “worker bees.” We are happy and passionate about our members and are committed to lightening their spirits, while helping them improve their current health profile.


When it comes to our community, one size doesn’t fit all. We take the time to explain all services and conditions fully so you have a clear understanding of your personalized care program and wellness goals.


Exceeding expectations has earned us the trust and loyalty of members in our community.


We are an integrated health collective. We help members positively redefine their emotional and physical well-being through collaborative dialog and action. Our care team provides support physically, spiritually and emotionally for our members to experience more quality, longevity and enjoyment in their lives.

Cathy Stephenson

MS, PT, MSW, Certified Life Coach

Jessica Berliner

MS, Clinical Integrative Nutritionist

Kellie Fitzpatrick

PTA, YT200hr

Cindy Delvalle


Karen Stephenson

Sound Therapist & Life Coach

About Well in Montclair


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