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Individualized Women’s Wellness Programs

Suffering from incontinence or postpartum? Want to increase your energy or learn to eat better? Hoping to boost your sex drive and libido? At Well in Montclair, we believe your wellness journey should be as unique as you. We take the time to get to know you, your history and what’s important to you. We draw on our collective expertise and team-oriented approach to design individualized wellness programs that incorporate the latest technologies and targeted treatments to treat the whole you, not just the condition…All in one location. 


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Women's Health



Say “No” to Incontinence

Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh, jump or exercise? Urinary Incontinence affects 200 million people worldwide. Atrophy of these muscles can lead to instability of the lower back and sacro-iliac region, causing difficulty controlling the release of urine and potential issues related to sexual function. Emsella helps to mitigate these problems by restoring the tone of the muscles and improving circulation. This unique technology revolutionizes women's intimate health and wellness by providing a completely non-invasive treatment option. The Emsella Chair strengthens the pelvic floor muscles that support organs and span the base of the pelvis. Studies confirmed 95% of patients report an improved quality of life after treatment.

Nutrition Counseling

Improve Food Choices and Eating Patterns

Have you been gaining weight or feeling too sluggish to exercise? Well In Montclair nutrition experts understand weight management is tied to your heart, brain and digestive health. We treat them all to make your weight loss safe, sustainable, and even enjoyable. Nutrition counseling may combine genetic and other lab tests, an analysis of lifestyle factors, supplement regimens and an examination of your food choices and eating patterns. No shaming or tough-love, just one-on-one, compassionate guidance to aid you in achieving better health.

Emsculpt NEO

Decrease Fat. Increase Muscle.

 Emsculpt NEO is a breakthrough, non-invasive core building and body shaping device. This revolutionary procedure simultaneously delivers heat and magnetic energy resulting in increased core support, muscle growth and fat reduction. Clinical studies showed on average a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% growth in muscle volume. Used in combination with Emsella, the therapies can address issues related to pelvic instability, posture, back dysfunction and pain.

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitate and Prevent Future Injuries

Physical therapy is an essential element of the rehabilitation process when recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. It is also an important part of preventing future illness or injury, and helps to alleviate pain and improve strength and freedom of motion. 

Life Coaching

Find Clarity and Confidence

Coaching can help reorient your reality to become clearer about who you are, give yourself permission to heal, let go of what is no longer needed, and learn how to trust your instinct of where your journey leads.

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Women Are Unique.
So is Our Approach.

As women, our wellness journeys can be complicated. Our bodies are always changing and so must our health goals and the specific care needed. We provide women with individualized, holistic wellness programs that treat the whole person, not just the condition…All in one location.

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