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What to Expect from Your Emsella Results

Ready to learn more about the Emsella technology and how it could help your glute pain, incontinence, or urgency? Cathy and Jess from Well In Montclair sit down to share their experiences.

Video Transcription: I'm Kathy from Well In Montclair and I'm Jess also from Well In Montclair. We wanted to talk to you about our Emsella experience, both Jess and I have done six sessions. Here is the why. We did the six sessions because we are very different in terms of age Jess is young-ish and I am older, so we figured that we would both try to see what our results look like, what improvements we had, why we had changes, and what we could present to you guys the take-home messages from Emsella.

Jess's Challenge & Experience

Jess what do you have to say. So, I actually did the Emsella for some glute pain that hasn't subsided in about a year. Even though I haven't had children and don't have the traditional pelvic floor issues symptoms, it can't hurt to try to improve it before, so you prevent issues instead of trying to treat them.

Emsella Results:

So with doing the six sessions, I started to feel as if the glute pain was subsiding. Whereas in the past year through different modalities I've been able to get some of the symptoms down probably about 50% but have really plateaued. I was able to get it down an additional 20% with Emsella and doing other exercises. Now, even little things like walking up a hill are more comfortable. I feel like the actual glute, which is my butt, is activating and firing a little bit better. So, not the traditional usage of Emsella, but thought it was the best way to try to hit that area for myself.

Cathy's Challenge & Experience

Yep, I also have a glute issue, but I also tend to have some degree of urgency in terms of urination when I do specific things like standing to wash dishes. I am one of these people, and there are many of us, who will be in a job and hold our urine for long periods of time. I get in my head, I start working, and then I don't go to the bathroom. That's not a great plan, but when we're in our everyday lives and we've done that, oftentimes, there's urgency in places that you didn't feel like you needed to have urgency. So, jumping up and down while washing dishes is an event. I decided to try Emsella because I have pretty good control most of the time outside of those areas. I wanted to see if the Emsella chair would help and I also have a glute problem that was related to surgery on my right hip.

Emsella Results for Incontinence

So, I did six sessions. Probably within two to three sessions that sense of urgency melted away which I didn't expect at all, but I knew that this was kind of a really cool piece of technology that we had here. I didn't realize it would happen that quickly.

Additionally, when I was also going to the bathroom on a normal basis, I didn't feel as though I was peeing like a racehorse, which is really a nice sensation. It was like oh control, and I can stop, and there's control, and I can stop. So that was really really cool.

Then the next thing that happened was with my right glute. This surgical stuff happened many many years ago, but there's still pain and discomfort and there's still weakness in the right side. Some of that has been soothed quite a bit too, so the pain levels have dropped down probably by about 2 points if it's a 10 point scale. My balance from right side and left side has also normalized. I didn't expect from this treatment, even though I know that the pelvic floor is the key to holding our balance and holding the pelvis steady. So yay for Emsella.

So for anybody who's got long-standing chronic issues that are related to glutes or the pelvis or how you stand or imbalances, this truly does help. And then you know, we have all the bells and whistles that have to do with incontinence.

We just thought we'd tell you the how, the what, and the why of what we've done so far and bring it to you to let you assess it on your own. And how it can work for anybody at any age (younger or oldish).

Good to see you guys. We hope to have more for you soon. We're gonna jump into the Emsculpt NEO since I'm on my Neo cookie diet right now, but we'll talk about that next time. Bye guys!


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