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Emsella Introduction | Wellness Wednesdays

Are you actively using Kegels to maintain or improve the strength of your pelvic floor? If so, you may be interested in our new, non-invasive treatment. Learn more about Emsella from our very own Cathy!

Video Transcription:

Hi there, it's Cathy from Well In Montclair!

I know I look like I'm sitting on a spaceship chair but it's not. It should be, but it's not this is the Emsella chair. It comes from BTL, which is a company that does all kinds of wonderful technology to help strengthen us in ways that we can't be strengthened on our own.

The Emsella Chair

This chair, you come and you sit on it. It's going to use electromagnetic technology at a high focus to penetrate the pelvic floor and rejuvenate muscle. Why do we do this? In cases of incontinence of all kinds for men and for women, in cases of sexual dysfunction both for men and women. Because it's going to invigorate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It's also going to improve circulation in the pelvic floor.

What does the Emsella chair do?

The technology is quick, so you're going to sit here with your clothes on for about 28 minutes. Within that 28-minute period of time, you're going to have 12,000 kegels happen. Which we cannot do on our own. We can never do that on our own!

How does Emsella help?

So, over the course of a few sessions, you're going to have no incontinence, no leakage, potentially better sexual performance, and better orgasms. If you look at this in terms of lifestyle and function the ability to do the things that you want to do without thinking too hard about it.

Please come visit us and this is an amazing piece of technology. I'm so happy, and you can be too!


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